Rose Paint The Town


$ 34.99 USD

2 - 5 gallon pots ranging in price from $34.99 to $54.99 Paint the Town has everblooming red, hybrid tea-shaped blooms that carpet the shrub rose all season long.

Botanical Name



The striking flowers are accented by disease resistant, glossy, dark green foliage, highlighting the incredible flower effect all summer. Paint the Town’s spreading-to-mounded shape is well-suited to container gardening and border plantings.

Size (HxW)
Height 2'-3' Width 2'-4'
Full Sun
Grow zone
Easy, Disease Resistant

Care Instructions


Roses need a sunny location (6-8 hours of sunlight) with good drainage. If you are in a hot climate, the roses fare better when protected from the afternoon sun. In cold environments, planting next to a west or south-facing wall can help with winter freeze. When planting, the plant’s crown should be level with the ground but if you live in a cold area planting deeper (2-3 inches) may be necessary. When planting multiple bushes make sure to space out the plants at least 3 feet apart.


Keeping roses healthy requires that you keep the soil evenly moist in-season and for best results, it’s important to avoid wetting the leaves and focusing the water on the soil. If you have heavier clay soils, water less, and if you have sandy soil it will require more watering.


Fertilizing monthly with compost and other organic materials tends to work very well with shrub roses. Regular fertilization will lead to better flowers.


Pruning should be done every early spring. Remove the dead, damaged, and brown parts of the stems.

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